Film Transfer and Digitizing

motion picture film preparationProviding access to motion picture film in your collection presents some unique challenges.  Film is often thought of as an ideal format for long-term storage, because it doesn't require a machine to convert the content into an image that is viewable.  However, viewing the film using projection equipment risks causing severe damage if the film is starting to shrink or if the projector hasn't been maintained properly.  Damage resulting from projecting a film could include everything from scratching the image to tearing the film.    Unless great care is taken, it is not recommended to use projectors to view older film prints.  And if you have negative film prints in your collection, these present even more of a challenge.

Scene Savers can help by providing professional film restoration and transfer services.  These include:
  • High quality transfer to digital files
  • Inspection and repair of edge damage and tears in the film
  • Replacing loose splices with new tape or cement splices
  • Mold remediation and removal
  • Accessioning film collections, including descriptive information and metadata about each individual film
  • Cleaning to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and edit marks
  • Placing film into new vented archival containers on archival cores
  • Wet-gate film transfer
  • Digital noise reduction, grain removal/reduction, scratch reduction
  • Image stabilization
  • Color correction

motion picture film transfer philips quadravisionScene Savers handles color and Black & White film, both silent and with sound, including both optical and magnetic sound tracks (sound on film).  We offer professional transfer of 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films, including separate sound systems such as Nagra audio (1/4" audio track on separate reel with pilot tone) and full coat mag sound in mono and stereo.  Our film transfer system is a HD Spirit Datacine, which provides very gentle film handling (for shrunken or warped film) and outstanding HD quality.  This system is combined with a DaVinci 2K digital color correction system which allows restoration of the color on even severely faded films.

Why is Scene Savers the Preferred Choice for hundreds of film archives?
Scene Savers has  more than 30 years of experience working with motion picture film. We understand the unique challenges of working with archival film.  You can rest assured that your films will be properly cared for and handled in the safest manner possible at Scene Savers. 

motion picture film preparationIn addition to general film transfer, our specialty is transferring athletics and news films.  While the basics of film transfer are the same for most all films, these type of films present unique challenges for creating metadata and capturing descriptive information about the films.  News films, for example, usually consist of multiple shorter reels combined together into larger reels.  However, in order to make searching for content easier in the future, the stories must be described individually.  Scene Savers has developed custom tools to allow us to transfer these films in an efficient manner, while still providing individual files and descriptions for each news segment.  Athletics films generally weren't shot by professional camera operators, so lighting levels tend to vary widely, requiring special attention to detail during transfer.

Do not trust your valuable film collections to just anyone.  Call Scene Savers today to discuss how we can help with your collection.